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Web Application

Features | Design System, Information Architecture, Web Application Design & Development, Quality Assurance, Wireframing, Prototyping, Project Management, Client Relations
Project Type | Online Learning Management System
Client | The University of Nebraska High School (UNHS)
Tools | VSCode, SCSS, HTML, Handlebars, Foundation, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Apps, Agile Methodology, Scrum


Theorem™ is the online learning management system where users can interact with, complete, and view information on student progress within courses that student is enrolled in with the University of Nebraska High School.

The University of Nebraska High School (UNHS) is an online high school that offers 100+ core, elective, AP®, dual enrollment, NCAA®-approved courses, and accredited high school diplomas to students all across the globe.


  1. UNHS and their users were working with an application called MyWaycool (pictured directly below) which no longer met the growing needs of their users, and facilitated negative ideas around the process of online learning. Theorem was developed to replace this system.
  2. There was (and still is) a demand for online cirriculum that fits complex schedules and is accessible internationally, so the new application needed to be comparable to ones used by other educational instutitions such as Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle.
Waycool example

My Work

I was brought on to the NeDDS team in April of 2020 when the LMS was undergoing course conversion from WayCool into Theorem and many of the core features had not yet been identified or developed. Since joining, I have been responsible for planning, documenting, designing, and developing numerous system features that are actively used in the Theorem application today.

I was responsible for:

  • Assisting in the design, development, and maintenance of the NUcleus Design System
  • Helping to define standards and best practices for front-end development architecture and UI patterns
  • Managing code in a version control system
  • Performing internal code and design reviews in pull requests
  • Accurately scoping and estimating design and front-end deliverables
  • Defining, documenting, and following detailed technical design and code specifications
  • Strategic planning of large-scale and complex features by determining dependencies for design, development, and client
  • Conducting audits of existing design and development
  • Creating, organizing, updating, and utilizing templates for application specific documentation and audits
  • Created QA testing tables and plans, directed group testing, and often soley responsible for conducting system-wide testing on Dev and QA environments

The following are highlights of some of the work I have done in Theorem, all of which were wireframed and/or prototyped, strategically planned in collaboration with a back-end developer to establish expected functionality, handed off with implementation instructions, and then underwent extensive QA testing to confirm acceptance criteria was met:

Comment component Comment component prototyped

Comments Feature *

  • Created comprehensive feature pitch for comments feature
  • Designed and developed comment component
  • Designed and developed comment group component
  • Show entire comments feature in context via prototype *
  • Completed all necessary front-end design and development for feature implementation
  • Wrote and implemented all design and code documentation for the components

*Note that icons will appear large until page is fully loaded since it is pulling from fontawesome, and it will likely take a little bit to load

Resources page Tutorials page Tech requirements page Contact page Wizard Journey map

System Help Content

  • Designing and organizing content into the help sections (4 pages total for each of the 5 separate portals), mocking up content for handoff to developer
  • Design and image creation for wizard tutorials
  • Design and creation of 60+ system journey maps and a course building guide for internal and client use
Assignment history table Assignment history page

Assignment History Feature

  • Design utilizing a mix of existing and new components to create a history section which helps users keep track of previous and current attempts on assignments
Archived gradebook

Archived Gradebook Feature

  • Design utilizing a mix of existing and new components to create a static gradebook overview page for users to maintain view of their expired and completed course assignment grades
Announcement form

Announcements Form

  • Designed the form for the "Create New Announcement" page utilizing upgraded versions of existing components to follow newly established form design patterns in the system
Cares report Cares modal Cares confirmation Cares pdf

CARES Report and PDF

  • Designed the CARES report page used to select and generate assignment completion letters for students who are enrolled with mail-in-assignment capabilities
  • Designed and developed the CARES PDF to be generated by 3rd party system integrated into the Theorem CARES process for UNHS staff to mail out to students