Marketing Pages

Landing Page Template

Features | Web Design, Development, Wireframing, Prototyping, Design Systems, Template Design
Client | The Molo Group
Tools | Figma, Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator


  1. Create a generic marketing landing page template for Molo Group to add to their client pitch kit with emphasis on flexibility, reusability, and responsivity.
  2. Take the template I designed and implemment it with client style guides and banding

My Work

I was responsible for:

  • Wireframing of template across all display sizes
  • Designing and prototyping across all display sizes
  • Defining general standards and best practices for UI and UX when utilizing the template
  • Working directly with copy writers to place written content into hi-fi's
  • Scoping and estimating design and front-end deliverables
  • Developing and following template specifications in Wordpress
  • Implementing client branding and utilizing style guides
  • Determining per client what configuration of existing and new components would be used in order to ensure consistency across marketing page and site itself

Marketing page wireframes large, medium, and small displays Marketing page for velocity electronics large, medium, and small displays Marketing page for trailblaze paints large, medium, and small displays