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Continental Commons

Booklet, & Website

UX Design | Publication | Identity

Continental Commons is a historic building located in downtown Lincoln, NE, which offers office spaces and luxury condominiums. They were in need of an updated identity system, an informational booklet for their tenants, and the design and development of their website, all to help them build reputation and recognition in the downtown living industry. Feeling high-end, but keeping true to their historic roots, the overall design explores a grayscale theme with high contrast and pulls inspiration from newspapers and blueprints.

The website design is a pro-bono, collaborative project. My partner and I worked directly with the client, and I was responsible for the wireframing, prototyping, and coding/development of the design. I continue to work with Continental Commons toward launching their website.

Until then, you can view a live demo of the site here, and a pdf version of the entire booklet here.

Continental commons booklet
Continental Commons booklet